CRUCIBLE (C-level transition team)

Promethean Consulting provides a complete cohesive interim executive team affordably tailored to startups and small to mid-sized companies in transition.

*Introducing* Small Business CRUCIBLE

Tailoring our already affordable CRUCIBLE offering, we are making available TWO (2) Small Business Crucible slots each quarter at roughly 40% the scope.

Fraud Examination

Promethean Consulting boasts one of 60,000 Certified Fraud Examiners worldwide on staff.

Compliance Navigation

Promethean Consulting derives much of its expertise from past security and compliance audits including but not limited to Y2K, ITIL, SOX, and PCI



The Dream Foundry
A creative agency providing traditional and digital design, production, and user experience consulting, including personal and corporate identity, websites, apps, and staff augmentation.